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From Our Members

“I have been a credit union member for more than 20 years and have felt in the past and continue to feel as though the credit union cares about the members it serves. Recently, my husband and I were faced with a situation concerning another creditor that had increased our interest rate so high that we were unable to make necessary payments in a timely manner…I contacted that financial institution to ask they reinstate the interest rate we previously carried…they were not interested in helping.

I then contacted Service 1 and spoke with…the loan department. They gathered some information from me and the very next day I received a call that my husband and I were approved for a personal loan. This was such a blessing to me and truly lifted a weight off my shoulders as I take our responsibility to pay our bills in a timely manner very seriously.

Thank you to Service 1 FCU and their very dedicated staff for the work they do every day and for the way they treat their members.” 

     Tracy – Twin Lake, Michigan 

99% of members surveyed believe Service 1 FCU is friendly, welcoming, and professional.

“The employees always treat me with the utmost respect and kindness” 

     Joni – Muskegon, Michigan

“I enjoy the personal touch of the employees opposed to that of large banks” 

     Steve – Muskegon, Michigan

“I really enjoy my visits to Service 1 Credit Union. The staff is remarkable at making you feel at home” 

     Artis – Muskegon, Michigan

“Always friendly service and always helpful. Easy online use.”

     Lorri – Muskegon, Michigan

“Always a pleasure working with any of your employees, NEVER a bad experience”

     Mark – Muskegon, Michigan 

“I really enjoy being part of a great credit union. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. I appreciate the business these days, it’s hard to find.”

     Melissa – Muskegon, Michigan 

“Service 1 has gone above and beyond to help me with my credit, loans, and standard banking! Thank you Service 1!”

     Philip – Muskegon, Michigan

“Excellent service, there is always a friendly hometown feel. It is nice to be recognized when you walk in the door.”

     Michelle – Neosho, Missouri

“Service is great!”

     Brad – Neosho, Missouri 

“The service is excellent and very helpful. Employees of Service 1 give clear and accurate responses to my questions.”

     Ranada – Mobile, Alabama 

“I have been with Service 1 Federal Credit Union since the early 1980s. I have always been treated the best by their team-workers since I have been there. They are very dedicated and responsible employees that have always provided their members with efficient and full commitment in whatever they can help them with. Thank you Service 1.”

     Betty – Mobile, Alabama 

“I’m glad that I chose this credit union instead of a bank because it always feels like home when I come here. I’m proud to say that I own a part of our credit union.”

     Lisa – Muskegon, Michigan

“I like Service 1 because its fast, friendly, and easy to get to.”

     Bill – Neosho, Missouri

“I can see this being the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship.”

     Sharon – Muskegon, Michigan

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